Premier Foods expands Batchelors Super Noodles with world cuisine flavours

Supplier says at-home lunch occasions have risen with people looking for quick solutions

batchelors super noodles world cuisine

Premier Foods has added three world foods-inspired flavours to its Batchelors Super Noodles range: Japanese Katsu Curry and Mexican Chicken Fajita instant noodle blocks and Salt & Pepper Chicken pots.

The noodle block flavours have an RRP of £1.09, while Salt & Pepper Chicken noodle pots have an RRP of £1.19.

Batchelors intends to target at-home lunch eaters looking to be more adventurous. The number of at-home lunch occasions has increased by 17% with more people regularly working from home, with the quick meals category seeing 448 million occasions in 2021.

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Naomi Shooman, brand director for quick meals, soups and snacks at Premier Foods, said: “We know that shoppers are looking for variety and choice when it comes to quick meal solutions. To encourage further category growth, brands need to offer flavours beyond shoppers’ traditional favourites.

“By adding popular Chinese, Japanese and Mexican twists to the Batchelors Super Noodles range, we will be appealing to the 54% of people who say they want to try a new world cuisine or dish at home, while sticking to brands they trust. As a brand, Batchelors’ 33% presence in UK kitchens will be able to grow even further.”

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