Perfetti Van Melle launches new Mentos and Smint formats

Mentos Strawberry and Orange Minis bag and Smint 36-tin mint are available now

pvm new formats

Perfetti Van Melle is introducing two new formats for its Mentos and Smint brands.

Mentos is launching in a new Minis bag with nine mini rolls, in Strawberry and Orange flavours (RRP £1).

Currently, Mentos is growing at four times the rate of category growth, while research has shown strawberry and orange are among Europe’s top five flavours, with orange growing by 42%.

Meanwhile, Smint is launching in a 36-min tin at an RRP of 99p. The new format will be available across Mint, Spearmint, Sweetmint and Strawberry varieties.

Caroline Grimshaw, brand manager of Mentos and Smint, said: “Smint is the number-one sugar-free mint brand, a must stock for retailers, and with over 60% of people rating Smint as an everyday essential, we are in the prime position to launch our well-loved product in a new format.

“The introduction of Mentos Minis comes at the perfect time as portion control and health consideration becomes a topic increasingly under the microscope.”

The supplier is supporting the new format launches with social media and in-store activity.

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