chupa chups incredible chew

Perfetti Van Melle is expanding the Chupa Chups brand with Incredible Chew, its first range of chewy singles.

Chupa Chups Incredible Chew will launch in the UK in August 2022, having already become popular in Australia.

The range will come in Green Apple, Orange and Cola varieties in a 45g stick format of individually wrapped chews, with an RRP of 75p.

The supplier says the wrapping makes them appropriate as an on-the-go treat or a party bag or trick-or-treat bowl filler.

Kate Howe, brand manager of Chupa Chups UK, said: “Adding Incredible Chew to our portfolio means that we can deliver the taste that Chupa Chups’ customers love across a range of textures, formats and price points, variations that always entice shoppers in the confectionery category.”

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