Over a third of c-store shoppers prefer big night in to pub, says Häagen-Dazs

However, retailers are missing out on potential dessert sales, with 43% of shoppers thinking local options are limited

More than a third of shoppers would choose a Big Night In (BNI) over going to a pub, bar or restaurant to save money over the next six months, according to new research commissioned by Häagen-Dazs.

Moreover, the BNI occasion is an opportunity for retailers to drive bigger basket spend, with one in two shoppers spending more than £15 per person. Overall, 64% of retailers feel that BNI contributes to the success of their store.

The supplier encourages retailers to widen their dessert offerings to maximise sales based on the occasion. Currently, 43% of consumers think the dessert options in their local stores are limited, while 48% say they can’t find what they’re craving.

This contrasts with retailers’ perceptions of their ranges: one in four rate their current range of desserts for BNI as “excellent”, with a further 38% rating it as “good”.

Sixty per cent of shoppers would choose ice cream for a movie night at home, while 44% would buy a premium ice cream brand specifically for a BNI. This continues into the winter months, with 35% of shoppers purchasing the same amount of ice cream for a BNI in the winter compared to the summer.

Jose Alves, marketing manager at Häagen-Dazs UK, said: “This research shows the importance of Big Night In occasions to both retailers and customers, especially over the coming months with inflation and rising costs impacting pockets. 42% of shoppers always or often buy ice-cream as part of their Big Night In but want more choice offered in their local stores.

“Providing a range of flavours and formats to suit different tastes will treat stores to maximum success. Häagen-Dazs gives consumers premium ice cream experiences without compromise, in luxurious pint tubs and mini cups for mindful indulgence in portion-controlled sizes.”

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