East Sussex retailer Peter Lamb is helping his shoppers challenge the Brexit vote by selling pro-EU polo shirts.

The shirt costs £25 and is exclusively available from the Lambs Larder website in five different sizes.

“Every situation good or bad represents opportunities to do business. There’re a few similar products but they’re mostly cheap quality. I think the demographic for the 48% is someone who is interested in paying extra but having quality,” he said.

The blue shirts have “48%” stitched next to eight gold stars, reflecting the percentage of the population that elected to remain within the European Union on June 23.

The shirts were designed by Peter and are made by embroidery company Image First on a made-to-order basis.

“I think we could sell hundreds, even thousands over time. It depends how well we market it. I’d like to get sales from across the country. It’s a good way to expand the reach of the shop.”

Peter plans to promote the shirt on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.

“I’ve had enormous success with Facebook advertising. I get more clicks onto my website with it than any other marketing I’ve ever done,” he said.

“I’ve had good and bad reactions from my locals. One person came in, took one look at it and walked out of the door, but you can’t just be quiet if you don’t agree with something.”