Looking at past successes to save our future

Spring is not far away and then everyone will be cheery again, so I’ve got to focus on the small things to make customers feel better.

It has been so grey and damp here, it makes everyone feel awful and business is just ticking along. But our shop is always warm to make them happy to be inside, and hopefully they will stay for a little longer. 

saving stampsThe change in seasons has got me thinking about the golden days of the Post Office and how to use the bygone era to attract new customers. It’s our young customers on websites like eBay that mainly keep our post office afloat, without them we’d be struggling. However, I think the old post office saving stamp books have real potential to attract our next generation of customers, the children of today. 

Saving stamp books used to be an easy way to save money that grandparents would buy because they knew children love something tangible. They get children used to the post office and how to finance, then once they’ve switched to a real bank account you have a customer for life. It’s an easy way to bring in customer loyalty that I think the post office have forgotten.

Unfortunately our post office can’t survive on Royal Mail services or eBay alone. I’ve nagged to my rep about looking at past successes to save our future, but they’re adamant it’s not efficient. But as retailers we have to keep pushing our ideas so we can thrive in the future.


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