Is the Fidget Spinner fad over?

Calls for schools to ban Fidget Spinners cast doubt over whether the toys are still a viable investment for independent convenience retailers

Calls for schools to ban Fidget Toys have raised questions over how long the craze will continue to be a good investment for convenience retailers.

Fidget Toys were developed to help children with anxiety and attention disorders, but are now popular as a mainstream toy, with retailers cashing in on them for the past few weeks.

Anita Nye, manager of Eldred Drive Stores in Orpington Kent, said: "We're not sure what we can do with them now that schools near us are banning them."

Surjeet Notay, owner of Notay's Convenience Store (Nisa) in Heckmondwike, Yorkshire, told Retail Express: "The craze has been the best thing this year but the fad is definitely over. Clear all stock by next bank holiday."

This warning was echoed by a RDM for a major convenience wholesaler. "There's no point in getting them in as we've missed the trend. They'll be gone by next week," he said.

Retailers near schools that have not yet banned them are continuing to see a huge demand.

Harj Gill, owner of Select & Save – The Windmill, said: "Judging by how many retailers are still buying them, I don't think it's the end of it. Lots of our customers haven't heard of them yet."

Adam Hogwood, manager of Budgens of Broadstairs in Kent, said: "There's still a bit of life left in them. Fidget Cubes are still going strong."


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