New Crush varieties for L&B Blue and JPS Players

Imperial Tobacco has announced the launch of New Crush varieties for L&B Blue and JPS Players.

Designed with ex-crushball consumers in mind, the supplier said the launches present retailers “fresh opportunities” for growth in the wake of the menthol ban.

Rolling out in stores from the end of October, New Crush will include a filter that delivers a cooling sensation during smoking, as well as a white-tipped firm filter that retains its shape and structure until the end of the smoke.

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Both JPS Players and L&B New Crush varieties will be available to buy in packs of 20 cigarettes with an RRP of £9.30, with 10 packs per outer.

Chris Street, market manager for the UK at Imperial Tobacco, said: “Since the arrival of the menthol ban, former crushball consumers have been trialling different options before settling on their product of choice, but many are yet to find the right product to suit their nicotine needs.

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“Our New Crush options have been designed specifically with these consumers in mind, providing all the familiar features without the crushball, from two of our leading brands.”

L&B Blue commands an 11% share in the factory-made cigarettes category in the UK, with JPS Players accounting for 18% of the market, taking its place as the number one fast moving consumer brand in the UK.

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