Nestlé Confectionery has unveiled a new on-pack promotion for KitKat, offering shoppers the chance to win £10,000. 

The ‘Win a break from bills’ promotion runs until the end of this year, and offers eight cash prizes in total.

Shoppers will find out if they have won a prize if they find the term ‘Winner’ imprinted on their bar, alongside a winning ticket inside the promotional pack.

Aero Dark & Milk launched by Nestlé confectionery

There are also £50 cash prizes up for grabs, which consumers can win by entering a unique code online found on-pack. 

The promotional packs are available for a range of KitKat formats including KitKat 4 Finger, KitKat 2 Finger and KitKat Chunky.

The supplier says that a shopper in Solihull, Birmingham has already bought the first £10,000 bar, leaving seven still to be found.

The brand will be supporting the promotion with a £2.5m advertising campaign spanning TV, digital and social media this month.

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