Nestlé Confectionery showcases 2020 festive range

Nestlé Confectionery has launched a range of new treats and campaigns for Christmas 2020 under its leading brands, including KitKat, Aero, Quality Street, Milkybar and After Eight.

Below, we’ve summarised everything you need to know about the supplier’s plans.


Starting with KitKat, new to 2020 is KitKat Santa, a Santa-shaped chocolate bar filled with a chocolate centre and wafer pieces.

It will be available in a 29g impulse format (RRP 65p), a five-bar multipack (RRP £3) and a 66g bag of individually-wrapped mini Santas (RRP £1).

A £1m campaign will support the launch, where shoppers will be encouraged to look out for KitKat Santa in store.  

Meanwhile, a KitKat Santa Advent Calendar (RRP £5) will also join the range. The calendar features a festive chocolate shape behind each window, before finally revealing KitKat Santa in the final window.

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New to the Aero range this Christmas is Aero Dreamy White Snowbubbles in an 80g bag (RRP £1).

Each bubble is made up of a half milk chocolate and half white shell, with a bubbly vanilla centre.

The launch will capitalise on the brand’s popularity, with Aero having grown by 26% in the past 12 months, and by 33.6% so far in 2020, to become the fastest growing confectionery brand in the top 20.

Aero’s chocolate blocks will also receive a refresh with a new seasonal design.

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Quality Street

After cementing its place as the number one brand at Christmas in 2019, this year Quality Street is back on screens with a festive advertising campaign.

The messaging will focus on the brand’s role in bringing together loved ones and debating which of the sweets is their favourite.  

When it comes to its annual festive redesign, its 1kg tin will take inspiration from the brand’s 2019 refresh, reflecting the colours of the sweets inside. A new design will also roll out across the Quality Street Advent Calendar (RRP £5).

The supplier said convenience retailers should focus on the 240g carton (RRP £2.99), as well as the 650g tub (RRP £7.74), which is a format synonymous with Christmas.

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Brand new for 2020, the supplier is launching a Milkybar Reindeer.

Each Milkybar Reindeer features a hollow moulded white chocolate character wrapped in foil packaging.

It will be available in three different sizes: 16g for immediate consumption (RRP 65p), a 44g small gift or stocking filler (RRP £1.49) and an 88g gift (RRP £2.49).

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After Eight

After Eight is the number one after dinner mint brand, accounting for 55.3% of total category sales.

This year the brand will introduce a new design, and launch a limited-edition After Eight Gin & Tonic 200g pack (RRP £3).

The After Eight Christmas tin 400g (£6) will also feature a new festive design, designed to encourage shoppers to trade up.

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Boxed chocolates

Sharing boxed chocolates account for the biggest share of the market during Christmas, having grown by 14% since 2017. Within this, premium options are driving the majority of growth.

To make the most of sales this season, the supplier is updating the design of KitKat Senses (RRP £5) and Aero Bliss Mixed Selection (RRP £5) to enhance its standout on shelf, and make it a more viable gifting option.

Aero Bliss will be supported by an outdoor and social media campaign, including in-store PoS, encouraging shoppers to ‘Gift a little bliss’.

Under its Quality Street brand, the supplier is focusing its efforts into Quality Street Intrigue, which was launched earlier this year. This Christmas, it too will benefit from media support.  

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When it comes to Quality Street Match Makers, the supplier is encouraging retailers, should they have space, to focus on stocking the Salted Caramel and Gingerbread (£2.24) varieties.

Finally, completing the new launches for 2020 is Dairy Box Christmas Collection (RRP £8), which is a 388g box featuring a seasonal design, as well as festive sweets in flavours such as Gingerbread and Christmas Pudding.

Inlaid boxed chocolates continue to be important to the category, as its shoppers spend the most per shopping trip at Christmas, driving basket sales up by 32%.

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