morning foods oat made

Morning Foods is branching out from breakfast into mealtimes with the launch of Oat Made ready meals.

Oat Made is available in a meal pot or pouch format. The pouch is positioned as an alternative to pouched rice and noodles as a meal accompaniment, while the pot is an all-in-one meal for an on-the-go meal. The entire range is vegan.

The pouch range comes in Golden Vegetable, Savoury Original and Mexican Style varieties, available at an RRP of £1.75. The pots come in Mexican Style, Katsu Curry and Sweet Chilli Oats varieties, each with an RRP of £2.25.

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James Lea, managing director at Morning Foods, said: “Many factors have inspired Oat Made, from the growth of world foods, especially amongst younger consumers, to health, wellbeing and diet being more important than ever before. Vegan and flexitarian diets continue to grow in popularity as plant-based food is becoming more mainstream and an interest in gut health amongst consumers continues to increase. 

“All products are made from 100 per cent British wholegrain oats, and offer a healthy, non-wheat alternative to conventional grain and noodle products. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians, these plant-based ingredients offers today’s consumer a convenient and nutritious meal.

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“Eating grains gives so many incredible health benefits, but oats are our real hero.  Not only are oats naturally high in fibre, a great source of protein and essential micro-nutrients, they are also incredibly versatile. That’s why we’re creating a delicious and nutritious plant-based future, with the amazing oat at the heart of every meal.

“We believe this range will fly off the shelves and is likely to appeal to the majority of consumers, from those who are time-poor to those who want to lead a healthier lifestyle.”

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