Mondelez unveils Christmas 2022 range with new Cadbury, Oreo and Toblerone launches

New launches across bars, blocks and tubs from Cadbury, Oreo and Toblerone

mondelez christmas 2022

Mondelez International has unveiled its 2022 Christmas range, with a raft of new launches from Cadbury, Oreo and Toblerone.

The supplier has divided its range between the four months leading up to and including the festive season, to encourage retailers to start early and build excitement up to Christmas Day.

In September, the darker nights lead to more ‘big night in’ occasions with sharing packs and block formats at the forefront. Mondelez has launched Cadbury Festive Favourites in a recycled cardboard octagonal carton, which includes Mini Snowballs, Puds and 10 Cadbury chunks at an RRP of £5.99.

In October, self-treat and sharing novelties on the go are increasingly important, so Mondelez has added Cadbury Mini Snowballs 110g bar to its range (RRP £1.49), combining Cadbury’s popular bar format with last year’s number-one sharing novelty treat.

Also launching is the Dairy Milk Winter Mint Crisp, available in a 360g block at an RRP of £3.99, and a White variety of Cadbury Jingly Bells, with an RRP of £1.49.

In November, shoppers begin to look for advent calendars and decorations. Mondelez is inviting customers to challenge themselves to ‘one chunk a day’ with the Cadbury Dairy Milk Advent Bar. This bar features 25 individually numbered chunks of Dairy Milk for shoppers to consume in the lead-up to Christmas Day, with a resealable wrap to maintain freshness.

Going into December and gifting occasions for friends and family, Mondelez has launched the Cadbury Chunk Collection, which includes individually wrapped chunks of Cadbury White, Dairy Milk and Dairy Milk Wholenut, at an RRP of £5. Also available is the Cadbury Dairy Milk Tin, in a small £5.99 format and a large £12.99 format.

Mondelez is also launching a new version of its Heroes tin, with a built-in game called ‘Who am I?’ to add value and drive sharing occasions.

Other new launches include Cadbury White Santa, Oreo Festive Colours which has red, white and green-coloured cremes, and Toblerone Selection Box, which features four 100g bars and a mix of Toblerone Tinies in various flavours.

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