m&m's brownie milk

Mars Chocolate, Drinks and Treats (MCD&T) has launched M&M’s Brownie Milk drink.

The new drink is available as a £1.49 price-marked pack (PMP) 350ml bottle.

Currently, the UK flavoured milk category is worth £515m, an annual increase of 25%. Convenience sales are worth £224m and are outgrowing the total category, having seen a 31% annual increase.

Within the category, chocolate flavours are the second-largest subcategory and are worth £116m, a 12% annual increase.

Michelle Frost, general manager at MCD&T, said: “We believe the strength of the M&M’s brand, which is being supported by a £4m media investment this year, combined with bright impulse bottles will attract new customers, while existing milk drink shoppers seek new products to try which in turn adds incremental spend to the category.

“Sales of our range of chocolate milk drinks are outperforming this important subcategory with 20% growth and we are confident that the launch of M&M’s Brownie Milk will see our sales continue to increase.”

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