Lucozade Alert gets packaging refresh for 2023

The brand has added £8.1m in value sales since launching in 2021

Suntory Beverage and Food GB&I (SBF GB&I) has refreshed the look of its Lucozade Alert range to improve on-shelf standout and appeal to more shoppers.

The new can design appears across the range’s Cherry Blast, Tropical Burst & Original Lucozade varieties.

Since launching in September 2021, Lucozade Alert has amassed £8.1m in value sales.

Aoife McGuigan, head of Lucozade Alert at SBF GB&I, said: “The updated pack design presents a fresh opportunity to drive shopper engagement, encourage trial and drive additional purchases to help increase sales even further. Lucozade Alert drove £1m in net sales value in two months at launch and now we’re back with a can that has even stronger shelf presence.

“Seventy-five per cent of Lucozade Alert’s sales are incremental to the category meaning the brand encourages trial and drives sales, making it a staple of the growing stimulation energy segment.”


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