Lambrini gets new look and marketing campaign

The new design features pears and foil bubbles

lambrini rebrand

Accolade Wines has revealed a new look for Lambrini alongside a marketing campaign to boost shopper awareness.

The supplier says the new look modernises the brand. The use of pear imagery links to the taste of the perry, while foil bubbles emphasise its sparkling qualities.

In support of the redesign, there will be in-store materials highlighting different Lambrini serves. Lambrini is also partnering with Baby, start of RuPaul’s Drag Race in a digital campaign.

The rebrand comes as Lambrini is the perry category leader, with 60% of category value. It also has a 26% value share of the perry and flavoured wine sector across the total market.

Charlotte Jefferies, marketing manager at Accolade Wines, said: “Lambrini is already the number-one brand in the category with the highest shopper loyalty within wine and perry. Our redesign, marketing campaign and upweighted shopper support will strengthen our position within the category and ensure that we’re truly delivering for our retailers this year.

“We know that, now more than ever, consumers are watching what they spend, but they still want to have a good time. Bigger nights out are becoming less regular but having fun at home is on the rise, Lambrini is the perfect way to enjoy a great night in and still make it feel special. With a range of great serves and an eye-catching new design, Lambrini is absolutely going to add some sparkle for sales, shelves and shoppers in 2023.”


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