KP Snacks launches Tyrrells Veg Crisps range

Tyrrells currently has a 43% share of the vegetable crisps market

tyrrells veg crisps

KP Snacks has launched a new range of vegetable crisps as part of its Tyrrells brand.

The range, made with carrot, parsnip and beetroot crisps and sweet potato crisps, is launching in Sea Salt, Balsamic Vinegar & Sea Salt and Sweet Potato Crisps with Sea Salt varieties.

Currently, Tyrrells is the market leader in the vegetable crisps segment, with a 43% market share.

“As the category leader, our Veg Crisps are critical for driving sales, with vegetable crisp shoppers spending more than the average crisps, snacks and nuts shopper and also purchasing more frequently,” said Dan Winslet, global Tyrrells marketing controller.

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