Jam Shed relaunches 'Mulled wine' campaign ahead of Christmas

Accolade Wines has relaunched its ‘Mulled wine’ campaign for Jam Shed ahead of Christmas 2020.

With the festive period being incredibly valuable to wine sales, with approximately 27% of the year’s value going through the 12-week Christmas period, bottles of Jam Shed will feature a mulled wine recipe on a neck tags.

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The brand is currently growing at 120% in value year on year, claiming the title of the UK’s ninth largest Australian wine brand, and the third largest contributor in value to the Australian wine category with the highest purchase frequency.

Lindsay Holas, brand manager at Accolade Wines, said: “Lockdown has seen many drinking occasions shift back into our homes, and this year we’re sure consumers will want to try recreating this festive treat themselves.

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“Our mulled wine recipe cards on each bottle will make it easier than ever. It also gives retailers the opportunity to cross category merchandise on the wine aisle to increase basket spend.”

Following last year’s campaign, it will be supported by in-store digital activity, including online recipe videos to follow at home.

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