Offering shoppers a premium range of household products can encourage bigger basket spend and help retailers attract more footfall in store, retailers and suppliers have told RN.

Atul Sodha, of Peverells Londis in Harefield, said despite having a relatively small 650sq ft store, having a ‘good, better and best’ range including premium options is essential for his business.

“A range of premium household products like Unstoppables may not sell in the first instance, but it sows the seed in shoppers’ minds that you offer it. So, when they come back a few times, they are more inclined to buy it. 

“The main thing is that the option is available,” he said.

Patrick Megarry, homecare brand manager at Procter & Gamble, said the supplier has developed new Flash Ultra Power to help retailers attract shoppers who are looking for more premium cleaning products.

“Retailers should make sure they position Flash Ultra Power alongside our core selection of surface cleaners. We have also introduced a bold, new dark blue look for the Ultra Power range that ensures it stands out on shelves,” he said.