Heineken launches £12m ‘Drink the G.O.A.T’ ad campaign for Strongbow Dark Fruit Ultra

Campaign sees largest ever spend on Strongbow brand

strongbow dark fruit ultra drink the goat

Heineken is launching a £12m advertising campaign in support of its Strongbow Ultra Dark Fruit cider, the brand’s biggest ever marketing spend.

The ‘Drink the G.O.A.T’ campaign intends to attract a new generation of cider drinkers through the inclusion of a striking purple goat.

It includes an advert which will air on television, on-demand and social media. There will also be a 500,000 mini can sampling drive and the Strongbow Yard at the Isle of Wight festival will be dedicated to Strongbow Ultra Dark Fruit.

Heineken kicked off the campaign with a takeover of Oxford Circus Tube Station on 25 April.

Heineken launches low-calorie Strongbow Ultra Dark Fruit cider

The supplier says the campaign helps move perceptions of cider outside of traditional imagery such as orchards and the West Country, in an attempt to attract a new audience.

Dark Fruit Ultra was launched in part to take advantage of a gap in the market for low-calorie alcoholic drinks aimed at younger drinkers, combined with the popularity of the original Dark Fruit cider.

Rachel Holms, Heineken UK cider brand director, said: “With 59% of consumers looking for lighter choices when shopping and 60% of Brits saying taste is the most important factor when buying a drink, there is a clear gap in the market for a lower calorie, flavourful cider, which Ultra fills as a market pioneer.”

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