Hancocks adds single-fill sweets to Bonds Shaker Cups range

The range features a mix of gummy and fizzy sweets taken from Bonds' top-selling pick and mix varieties

hancocks single fill shaker cups

Hancocks has expanded its Bonds Shaker Cups with a new single-fill range.

The range features a mixture of fizzy and gummy sweets taken from top-selling pick and mix varieties.

Among the gummy Shaker Cups are Giant Strawbs, Gummy Meerkats and Dracula Teeth, while Green Cola Bottles, Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles and Fizzy Cherries make up the fizzy flavours.

Each Shaker Cup has an RRP of £2.50.

Chris Smith, marketing communications manager at Hancocks, said: “We always make sure we’re providing our customers with new and exciting products and the Bonds Shaker Cups have always been a favourite.

“They’re a really great alternative to traditional pick and mix and their fun, bright colours have meant they’ve always looked amazing on display.

“The new range of single-fill Shaker Cups consist of Bonds’ best selling sweets that are both gummy and fizzy to ensure there’s something for everyone. They’re great for seasonal events, parties, gifting and sharing making them must stocks all year round for retailers.”


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