Taylors of Harrogate has launched a new website – www.brewview.co.uk. The site will act as an online centre for unbiased category advice for independent retailers looking to maximise their hot drinks sales.

The firm hopes the new site will help retailers tap in to the growing trend for multichannel shoppers and the current shift in buying habits, with more people actively aiming to cut household food waste and manage weekly budgets. 

This often means buying ‘little and often’, and convenience stores are the perfect outlet for this new kind of shopper.

The brand hopes to help convenience retailers make the most of this growth by ensuring their shelves are perfectly designed for shoppers on a top-up mission. By stocking the range the shopper needs, and phasing promotions in a manageable way, stores can maximise sales and profit. 

Taylors believes the right tea and coffee range drives regular repeat custom.