An increased focus on wellbeing has led to a growth in sales of cereals marketed as healthy options, with more shoppers gravitating towards oat-based products.

Pete Joubert, managing director at cereal brand Moma, said in the past year, sales of its porridge variants grew by 50%, contributing to an increased awareness in reducing the amount of sugar in diets.   

“Our no-added sugar instant porridges are the most in-demand of our range. The focus on gut health and the importance of fibre is also emerging as a trend, and we believe this will continue to gain traction this year,” he said.

Meanwhile, Eric Williams, marketing manager for Quaker Oats at PepsiCo, advised retailers to invest in on-the-go formats of oats, with the category growing at 14% year on year.

Steph Okell, marketing manager at Quaker Oats, added: “Independent retailers are perfectly suited to offer a wide on-the-go range of healthier cereals due to the convenient nature of their stores. We recommend positioning products like Quaker Oat So Simple pots near coffee machines to encourage additional basket spend.”

Jamie Howse, of Spar Bellabeg in Scotland, said half of his cereal category consists of healthier varieties, with Green City Wholefoods a bestseller.

“People are willing to pay a premium for Green City porridge. Being based in a rural area, we have a large customer base who buy wholefoods, so it pays to stock them,” he said.

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