Kellogg’s is stirring up sales among its range of price-marked cereals by introducing a single price of £2.19.

The cereals in the £2.19 range include Frosties (375g), Coco Pops (295g), Rice Krispies (340g), Corn Flakes (500g), Crunchy Nut (375g), Special K Original (300g), Special K Red Berries (300g), Fruit & Fibre (375g), Bran Flakes (500g), Krave Choc Nut (375g) and Kellogg’s Variety Packs.

Nick Dawson, Kellogg’s UK director of speciality channels, said: “These £2.19 packs are big news for the channel because it’s the first time we’ve brought our PMP cereals together under one price point and it’s an attractive offering for shoppers.”

In addition to this change, Kellogg’s will be introducing a new personalised spoons promotion in the New Year.

Customers will be able to claim their spoon, with their own name or phrase engraved on it along with their favourite Kellogg’s character, when they buy three boxes of Kellogg’s cereal.

Kellogg’s will also be introducing promotional PoS kits highlighting the new prices and promotions for retailers.

Suzie Mathewson, trade sector controller at Kellogg’s , said: “Promotions like these provide real added value and the spoons offer also taps in to unique personalisation trends which will drive engagement and interest in the cereal category and ultimately increase incremental sales.”

The spoons offer will be supported by a new TV advert and multi media campaign.