Kellogg’s is launching its joyböl brand ‘smoothie bowl’ into the UK this month. 

Containing a mix of grains, nuts, seeds and fruit in a single on-the-go pot, consumers just add milk or water to prepare it. The launch aims to capitalise on several key trends. These include on-the-go food and healthy eating, but also the rise of eating breakfasts at work, where 12% of morning meals are consumed.

In particular, Kellogg’s is targeting the millennial market, which makes up 14% of the population.

The company said that its target audience of urban millennials is set to be worth 75% of all packaged food growth by 2025.

The pots come in three flavours: Super Berries & Acai, Strawberry Almond Quinoa Crunch and Mango Coconut Chia.

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