Green tea sales have grown by 37.8% in just two years, while sales of black tea have fallen by 13.9%. But some retailers are missing out by not stocking it.

The data, supplied by market researcher Mintel, also shows sales of herbal and speciality teabags combined grew by 21.1% between 2013 and 2015.

More than half the retailers spoken to by RN agreed with the findings and reported growth in green and herbal teabag sales over the past two years.

Leanne Mcelroy, duty manager at Eurospar in Donaghadee, said: “Sales of these products have increased in our store. We’ve been selling a case a week since the turn of the year. We already had them in stock, but lately they’ve been booming.”

Ravi Raveendran, owner of Colombo Food & Wine in London, said: “Infusions are slow sellers for me, but I have seen a rise in sales of green tea. In the past six months I’ve been getting through a case a month. Before, we didn’t sell any.”

Kay Patel, owner of Best-one Global Food & Wine in Stratford, east London, said tea varieties such as Twinings infusions, Chinese herbal tea and PG Tips green tea have been popular in his store for the last two years.

“When you’ve been doing it for a while you become a destination for it,” he said.

Four out of the 14 retailers’ Retail Newsagent spoke to said they didn’t stock green tea while others said although they hadn’t seen the same sales growth, they still recommended including alternative tea brands in hot drinks ranges.

Kailaf Ravi, owner of Harveys Newsagents, in Southend-on-Sea, stocks green tea and said his sales have remained consistent.

“I think retailers should stock the product because there is a demand for it,” he said.