Food prices are the main concern for shoppers when considering their financial circumstances in the coming year, according to grocery research charity IGD.

Sixty-five per cent of shoppers said food prices concern them, while 53% said petrol prices will impact their monetary situation in an IGD survey.

The research also found that 83% of shoppers surveyed cook from scratch or with leftovers to save money. Sixty-five per cent have visited two or more stores on the same shopping trip, while 63% have made packed lunches and 37% of shoppers have taken products out of their basket before they get to the till to save money.

Vanessa Henry, shopper insight manager at IGD, said: “UK shoppers are really switched on where personal and wider economic circumstances are concerned. It's therefore no surprise that we're seeing such a proactive and creative approach to shopping.”

As reported recently, Nescafe is one of many food and drink brands to raise its prices due to Brexit.