Kerry Foods has launched new Fridge Raiders Cheese and Nut Combos, comprising bite-sized cheese pieces combined with a variety of savoury foods such as nuts and crunchy corn.

Available now in single 40g, RRP £1, and 3x40g, RRP £2.50, formats, the launch will be supported by a £1.5m campaign, including TV, video on demand and digital advertising. 

The new snacks are available in Sea Salt & Pepper and Honey BBQ flavours, containing up to 10g of protein and being less than 170 calories per pack.

Matthew Paterson, brand manager for Fridge Raiders at Kerry Foods, said the format is designed so the snack can be eaten on-the-go, as it has a dual compartment.

Nuts are a snack with broad appeal, as 75% of consumers eat them at least once a week. The category is also worth almost £490m, growing at 4% year on year, meaning there is big room for retailers to capitalise.

“We’ve also seen similar style snacks becoming increasingly popular in the US market with brands such as Balanced Breaks by Sargenta constantly growing, so we’re confident this trend will translate within the UK space,” Patterson added.

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