Sweet gin liqueurs and gins that encompass floral notes are predicted to be the next trend to permeate the spirits category, as more consumers turn to new flavour combinations, suppliers and retailers have told RN.

Fiona Walsh, co-owner of Scottish gin brand Redcastle Gin, said in the last year, the brand has noticed a twofold increase in the number of young shoppers buying flavoured gin liqueurs in sweeter flavours. To meet demand, in February, the brand launched a Raspberry and Pomegranate gin liqueur.

“In the last year, we also saw double digit growth across our entire gin portfolio. But retailers must now recognise the potential gin liqueurs have, and fix a dedicated display in store to showcase a selection, especially if 50% or more of their alcohol sales come from gin,” she said.

Meanwhile, Luke Shaw-Browne, manager at Sovereign Spirits, said the company saw a 120% growth in sales of gin liqueur in 2017, with its Elderflower & Gooseberry flavour variant being a bestseller.

“Growth can be attributed to more shoppers seeking lower AB alcohol, and liqueurs fall into this category. Gin is still very fashionable, so it makes sense that gin liqueurs are becoming popular,” he said.