Free-from and fresh fruit were the two fastest-growing categories in supermarkets this year, according to recent Nielsen figures.

Shoppers spent an extra £175.6m on fresh fruit this year and sales of free-from products increased by 18.9%.

Britons spent £50m more on avocados this year, making it the single fastest-growing food or drink item.

Sparkling wine, the third-fastest grower, had a sales increase of £101.9m, while bottled water passed the £1bn milestone with an extra £81.9m of sales.

E-cigarettes scored the biggest percentage growth, 20%, which meant £29.1m in extra sales.

Mike Watkins, head of retailer and business insight for Nielsen, said: “The nation is increasingly concerned about diet and health. More than 40% of Britons now actively avoid certain ingredients in what they eat and drink.”