For this week’s Local Hero, we find out about Debbie Davies’ popular veg bags.

debbie-davies-webName: Debbie Davies, Pughs@Londis, Hay-on-Wye, Hertfordshire

Product: Hendom Veg bags, £1.95

Where did you discover it?

It is a local lady who grew up in the village. She dropped in earlier in the year and spoke to us about the vegetable bags. We then started stocking them at the start of the summer when the produce had grown.

They include edible flowers which have really taken off. The veg is grown about three miles out of town, so we can change the orders if we need to quickly and easily too.

We sold around 160 bags over the summer with a margin of around 30%.

Who buys it?

It is mainly local families, they often buy two or three bags at a time. She also supplies local restaurants, but we are the only shop.

They are good quality and would last a good few days on the shelf, but they are never around that long.

Why is it so successful?

It is quite different and everything in the bags are edible including the flowers.

They also look really nice and pretty, which people like. We only have two or three more weeks of selling them before they stop until next summer, but I am definitely going to stock them again next year.

Next, we will be speaking to Myjinder Braich about firewood.

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