Independent retailers can benefit from higher footfall and increased sales by investing in fresh, local produce, Henderson Wholesale has said.

Neal Kelly, fresh foods director at the wholesaler, said shoppers wanted more fresh products from local firms, and were using convenience stores, which stocked them more frequently, compared with multiple retailers, who tended to treat local produce as a secondary category.

Noel McGregor, fresh trading manager at Henderson Wholesale, added: “We encourage retailers to engage with artisanal suppliers that could be unique to their local area, ensuring there is a direct-to-store relationship being built. Many of our Spar retailers supply goods from local bakers.”

Craig Brown, retail sales director at JW Filshill, said the wholesaler was investing in local produce by working with suppliers, such as Fife Creamery and Eden in Scotland.

“Our retail customers can order directly from local suppliers,” he said. “We then administer the invoicing. We have also created a brochure that lets retailers know of the suppliers we are working with, the majority of which are local.”

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