Paul Cheema’s local shop in Coventry features this fantastic looking fruit and vegetable display at the back of his shop.

Every time I have visited it has looked fantastic. Paul says this is because fruit and vegetables were at the core of what his father sold when he originally opened the shop, that his father is good at displaying fresh produce and that he is proud of how good it looks.

So what happens to the shopper who has strolled past the long aisle of fresh meat and dairy and then they come across the fruit and vegetable display and decide to buy? They can because the Cheemas have left them some baskets to use. They happily shop and go to the tillpoints to pay.

However, the trick is that the baskets are unique to this point in the store. They are the only ones of this size. So every week the Cheemas get to work out how many shoppers were tempted to buy more because they saw this fantastic display.

The quality of the display is also excellent as is the use of great lighting to show off the produce. The Cheemas get the detail in their shop 95 per cent right 95 per cent of the time. (It’s never 100 per cent because they are always experimenting and changing the customer experience.) But this display is 100 per cent right, 100 per cent of the time. It communicates authority to shoppers. You feel confident about buying from Paul and his family because their produce looks great. This confidence spreads to other parts of the shop.