Mars handheld ice creams 2020

Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats has added three new wrapped handheld single ice creams to its 2020 line up.

The first of the new impulse range is Maltesers Mint Ice Cream (RRP £1.79). The supplier says the launch is on the back of the fact that more than half of the British population buy a Maltesers product every year.

Following the success of Skittles Cooler Ice Cream launched last year, the second is Skittles Cooler Crazy Sours Ice Cream (RRP £1.79). It comprises sours flavoured ice cream with crunchy pieces wrapped in a fruity sorbet.

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Finally, Twix Ice Cream (RRP £1.79) has chocolate with biscuit bits and caramel, and is the first time you can buy the brand in an ice cream format.

The launches comes as the UK ice cream market tops value sales of £1.1bn and wrapped handheld ice creams dominate the category as the largest segment, worth £663m. The supplier says it is growing ahead of the market.

Michelle Frost, general manager at Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats, said: “We are confident that by bringing more confectionery favourites to the freezer, we will continue to drive consumer interest, sales and repeat purchase.”

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