starburst ice lolly skittles stix

Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats has announced Skittles Stix and Starburst Ice Lolly as additions to its ice cream range.

Both new products will be available to convenience and wholesale from March in multipacks and singles. They both have an RRP of £2.50 for multipacks and £1.40 for singles.

Starburst Ice Lolly consists of a wobbly jelly base and layers of strawberry, orange, lemon and lime-flavoured ice made with fruit juice.

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Skittles Stix has layers of fruit-flavoured ice cream and a sugar pearl centre.

The launches come as the UK ice cream market is in growth, with convenience sales reaching a total value of £828m. Additionally, handheld multipack sales are worth £178m.

Michelle Frost, general manager at Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats, said: “We’re extremely pleased to introduce these delightful and unique ice creams for 2022, after such a great year for our handheld products. Fuelled by the popularity of Skittles Cooler, we anticipate that by adding these exciting products to the freezer, it will give ice cream fans even more choice from their favourite fruity confectionery brands!”

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