…and carrots, too. This is what Time magazine is saying in its December 1 edition, arguing that shoppers should forget what the foodies tell them. “Some of the tastiest and healthiest food around is also the least expensive and most ordinary,” it says.

Written by Mehmet Oz, professor of surgery at Columbia University, the article argues that frozen spinach is nutritionally similar to a fresh organic leaf spinach.

The rise of foodie culture has venerated all things small batch, local farm and organic. “The fact is a lot of the stuff we ate in childhood can be good for you and good to eat if you know how to shop,” he says.

Knowing how to shop means the ability to read the label, which will tell you how frozen or canned food was prepared. Dr Oz is a big fan of the tuna salad sandwich and of ice cream! The problem with the latter is the amount consumed.

And peanut butter – what you are often seeing is “a source of quality nutrition disguised at indulgent junk”. Peanut butter [is] as good as olive oil. It’s also high in fibre and potassium. But watch the salt and sweeteners.

Among junk foods he is a fan of salsa and guacamole – but you need to eat these with pricier baked pitta chips.

Local shopkeepers should check out Dr OZ’s ideas and think about how you can use them to promote affordable foods with long shelf lives that are easy to stock. Presenting the idea that these foods are affordable and good for you may resonate with your shoppers.