Slush machine hygiene standards

Sales of carbonated slushy drinks in convenience stores are being limited as suppliers favour the hospitality sector amid CO2 shortages, sources claim.

Last year, fertiliser firms warned they would stop selling CO2 due to rising costs of the natural gas.

The chemical, which is used as a major component for higher-end carbonated slushy machines, is a byproduct of fertiliser production.

Independent retailers call on the government for support over rising energy bills

Retailers and slush drink companies told betterRetailing CO2 suppliers were limiting the stock they could buy. One supplier, who asked not to be named, said: “We’re feeling the impact of the CO2 shortages and it’s become harder to get canisters. When there are these issues, convenience stores get put on the bottom of the list.

“The main suppliers of CO2 prefer to supply the hospitality industry first.”

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