Radio Times publisher Immediate had created free in-store and online marketing material for stores to help them achieve extra Christmas copy sales.

An A4 poster to display in store is available to download below, as is an image specifically designed to be used on store Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles (also available for download below).

Rajesh Patel, owner of Leicester Road Stores in Lewes, Sussex urged stores to get behind TV listings, telling RN: “We put copies on the counter and actively ask customers if they would like one, when we do this, we achieve an extra Radio Times 50 copy sales per day.”

. Last year, the Christmas edition alone of  Radio Times delivered more than £6m in copy sales.

Radio Times managing director Dom Murray said the publisher was going all out this year to give stores the same success. The publisher and its distributor Frontline sent thousands of freestanding display units out to independent stores, with a major TV and online advertising campaign also encouraging shoppers to pick up a copy.

Even though the title went on sale on 7 December, Murray told RN there is still massive sales potential in promoting the title. Describing last year’s trends he said: “We saw demand throughout the sales period, but with an intense period of demand in the final week.”