Approximately 180 One Stop stores across the UK now feature a f’real self-serve milkshake machine, up from just 10 at the start of the year.

The milkshakes made their debut in One Stop stores in Liverpool and Portsmouth last year.

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Store manager at One Stop Wiclif Way, Nuneaton, Sonia Wassell said: “Word got out on a local Facebook page that we stocked f’real and we’ve seen so many new customers visit the store for the first time. Even on a cold wet day we still have people waiting to use the machine.

“The unit cleans itself so all we need to do is wipe out the outside throughout the day and keep the freezer stocked – it’s such an easy machine for staff and customers to use. I also love that the product is stored in a self-facing freezer; it means the unit always looks full and inviting.”

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Edlington, Burton Latimer and Hastings are among the locations where new machines have been installed over the past six months.

Senior marketing manager at f’real, Isla Owen, said: “We’re delighted by f’real’s recent success with our partners at One Stop. The surge of new installs has landed just in time for summer.

“We look forward to continuing to support One Stop stores as they roll out further machines throughout this year.”

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