Spar trials Daily Deli foodservice offering

Spar is testing a new foodservice concept called Daily Deli, which includes fresh salads, sandwiches, baguettes and accompaniments.

The initiative has been trialling at Spar Glenwell, Belfast since February 26. If the move is successful, retailers will be able to choose from six different opportunities, from simple self-service counters to full displays including hot meals.

The range allows retailers to appeal to more health conscious customers as five of the sandwiches contain less than 300 calories; Prawn Mayo, Tuna & Sweetcorn, Chicken Salad, Ham & Mustard and Egg Salad.

Debbie Robinson, Spar managing director, said: “Foodservice is an area of increased focus within the convenience channel. Many of our Spar stores already offer great franchise partnerships and we are building on these collaborations and creating something new.”




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