Sibylla hot dogs now available to all UK independent convenience retailers

Sweden's premium hot dog Sibylla is now available for all independent convenience retailers to stock. Here's how you can get it in your store...

Following a trial in five convenience stores last May, Sibylla Swedish hot dogs are now available to all UK independent convenience retailers.

Retailers that partner with Sibylla begin with a 60cm-wide roller grill that can fit on a counter. It can then be scaled up to 2.1m wide with burger plates, as well as adding a chip cooker behind the till.

Sibylla’s core range includes three types of hot dogs: Frankfurter, Bacon-Wrapped, and Kabonos, as well as two types of bread: Classic Rolls and Swedish Style. All have an RRP of £1.99.

Richard Tyler, Sibylla UK representative, told Retail Express that food to go is the biggest opportunity for convenience but a good hot food offer is often missing in independent stores.

“In trials we had free-standing units, but we found this meant they were sited a long way from the counter," he said. "We’ve now developed smaller counter-top units that means retailers can serve easier.” 

Sibylla was launched in 1932 and sells its products in Eastern Europe and Asia. As well as the UK, it is currently rolling out its shop-in-a-shop format in Spain and South Korea.

To find out how to get Sibylla in your store, call 0207 689 3379


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