sandwich, supermarket

Fresh Kitchen is a stand-alone sandwich shop under the Sainsbury brand that the FT says is ear-marked for an "aggressive roll-out" into the UK if the first site, opened in London's Fleet Street last month, is successful.

The paper says that the supermarket chain could open 200 of these outlets, pitching it headlong with Pret-a-Manger and, by extension, with fast food chains like McDonalds. Waitrose, it notes, is already selling sandwiches in some Boots shops and ran its slide rule over the Eat, a coffee and sandwich chain.

"Takeaway foods is likely to be the next battleground between the big supermarkets," the paper says.

Of course, most local shops with a convenience offer are already aware of the opportunity for food-to-go. This story is further validation of their strategy.

While it may be unwelcome to have fresh competition from Sainsbury and others, who are already attacking the c-store market hard, it is still further confirmation that the local grocery market has plenty of life left in it.