Exclusive: Geek Bar backs out of promoting new Tropical Skittles Blast flavour

Geek Bar has told betterRetailing that it has halted all promotion of its Tropical Skittles Blast flavoured pod after it enquired about possible copyright issues the name presented.

Tropical Skittles Blast was one of the flavour varieties the brand launched as part of its new J1 Pod range earlier this month.

A Geek Bar spokesperson said: “We are glad this has been brought to our attention and have halted all promotion of this flavour name for the J1 Pod. As a matter of urgency, we are also reviewing our procedures around the choice of flavour names.

“We take very seriously the issue of youth vaping and have been working closely with our supply chains to ensure our products do not fall into the wrong hands.”

When asked for clarification on whether the product will be completely taken out of market immediately, or just not promoted anymore, the supplier said: We can confirm that J1 Pod Tropical Skittles Blast has not entered the UK market. We are currently in the process of changing the name, which will take up to three weeks.”

The decision comes as the vape industry has repeatedly come under fire for some products being inadvertently marketed to children through the use of funky names and association with popular confectionery and soft drink brands.

This has led to various discussions to do with responsible retailing practices, and how suppliers can stop nicotine products falling into the hands of minors, or those who have never smoked.

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