Diet Coke Yaasss honey can poster

Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) has launched eight new limited-edition cans of Diet Coke printed with catchphrases.

Phrases include popular millennial terms such as: ‘It’s lit’, ‘Okay, but no’ and ‘Yaasss’.

Simon Harrison, vice president of commercial development at (CCEP), said; “The limited edition cans are designed to stand out on shelf and drive conversation among young adults whilst helping to recruit new consumers into the Diet Coke brand.”

The Diet Coke brand is worth £472m and up 12% in value, making it the number one sugar free cola brand in the UK.

Diet Coke Can't Even can
Can’t even
Diet Coke Get It can
Get it
Diet Coke I'm In can
I’m in
Diet Coke I'm Out can
I’m out
Diet Coke It's Lit can
It’s lit
Diet Coke Ok But No can
Ok but no
Diet Coke Okay Next can
Okay next
Diet Coke YAASSS can