Country Choice Easter Basket

Country Choice has launched its line-up of Easter products, consisting mainly of thaw-and-serve confectionery.

As well as a four-pack of fruited and spiced Hot Cross Buns (pictured) with an RRP of £.120 for a pack of four, the supplier has released a gingerbread bunny, Easter-themed cupcakes, and mallow nests.

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The Easter Cupcake is decorated with two flavours of either lemon or chocolate icing, with chocolate shavings and a colourful chocolate mini egg.

The Easter Mallow Nests have a sweet biscuit base, a layer of mixed fruit jam topped with marshmallow, finished with a chocolate flavour coating.

Both products have an RRP of £1.35, come individually wrapped, and have a 14-day shelf life once defrosted, according to Country Choice.

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The supplier is also launching Gingerbread Bunnies, rabbit-shaped ginger-flavoured biscuits with chocolate decorations which retailers can order in cases of 30, with an RRP of 80p.

Country Choice is also encouraging retailers to stock up on its Cornflake Cakes and Bakewell-style tart. The Cornflake Cakes come in packs of 20, while the Bakewell-style tarts come in both lemon and chocolate flavours in packs of 24.

Both of these products also have an RRP of £1.35.

Retailers interested in stocking the products can call 0344 8920 399, or visit Country Choice‘s website.

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