Independent retailers and their shoppers have a chance to win £1,000 this month in Cadbury’s latest competition, exclusive to convenience stores.

Shoppers can win up to £1,000 by finding bus coupons inside Double Decker wrappers and Mondelez International will match the prize value for the owner of the store that sells winning packs.

The promotion will run from September 1 until October 31 and offers four £1,000 cash prizes and £100 cash prizes. The brand will return to TV from September 6 in a £3m marketing campaign.

Cadbury has also launched Dinky Deckers in 120g bags, RRP £1.99, for the bitesize market.

Harry Singh Hallen of Londis Carstairs Junction in South Lanarkshire, already stocks them. He said: “They’ve been selling very well. I sold four cases last week and people say they’re much better than Double Decker singles.”

Melissa Stuart, Cadbury Bitesize brand manager, said: “We’ve seen great success with the Cadbury bitesize range, including Mixed Buttons, which has delivered £1.3m in sales since its launch in February this year.”