‘Tax sugar like tobacco,’ says Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver has once more called for a tax on sugar in food – and compared it with tobacco, saying it “destroys lives”. The sugar industry, he said, “should be scared”.

The celebrity chef has been a long-time opponent of the amount of sugar in food, calling for children around the world to be educated about the dangers of the sweet stuff.

Earlier this month the TV chef reignited his campaign. “Sugar’s the next evil,” he said.

Referring to the risk of sugary foods causing a public health crisis, he said: “It should be taxed, just like tobacco and anything else that can destroy lives.”

The Labour Party reflected Jamie Oliver’s stance against sugar. In its recent manifesto launch, it promised to introduce marketing restrictions or lower sugar levels in foods.

Jeremy Blackburn, head of communications for JTI warned that sugar is in for a tough ride. He said: “From advertising restrictions to tax increases, the road map against tobacco is a benchmark that can be applied to the sugar industry.”


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