Retailers can drive incremental confectionery sales by stocking a range that appeals to adults, suppliers have told RN. 

Marta Sansò, a senior brand manager at Mondelez International, said the company’s new Maynards Bassetts Wine Gums Mocktails in non-alcoholic flavours appeal to young adults. 

“To drive sales, retailers should site them with other sweets bags on the main fixture or as part of a ‘Big Night In’ offering,” she added.  

Russell Tanner, marketing and category director at Tangerine Confectionery, said confectionery that appeals to adults is a global trend that retailers must cater for this year.  

“Traditional confectionery such as Barratt’s Dip Dab appeals to adults because it helps them reconnect with their inner ‘big kid’ and nostalgia,” he said. 

Vinay Patel, of Jolly’s in Surrey, said he stocks 50 jars of retro and traditional sweets behind the counter, which are popular with over-30s.   

“I also sell 100g bags for around £1 and wine gums in sharing bags, which are popular with adults, too,” he said.