Smarties White

Nestlé Confectionery is launching Smarties White in the UK exclusively in Asda, before rolling out to convenience stores in June.

Smarties White will be available in a 38g hexatube (RRP 70p), with a 100g sharing bag (RRP £1) launching later this year.

The launch comes as the demand for white chocolate increases in popularity with consumers, outperforming milk and dark chocolate at a category level and growing at 16% year to date.

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The white chocolate Smarties will be full recyclable, similar to its milk chocolate counterpart, following Nestlé Confectionery’s decision last year to move the Smarties packaging to paper, the first global confectionery brand to do so.

Rebecca Mitchell, brand manager for Smarties at Nestlé Confectionery, said: “One of the reasons Smarties has been such a popular brand for so long is because we love to unbox imagination with innovation – whether that’s new formats such as blocks or buttons, our recyclable paper packaging or delicious taste sensations.

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“The new Smarties flavour have all the colour and crunch or regular Smarties, but with a delectable white chocolate filling. Created in York in 1937, Smarties contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

“Sales of Smarties in the UK and Ireland totalled £72m in the past year.”

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