Premium chocolate can help retailers drive transaction value, leading chocolate suppliers have said. 

In particular, dark chocolate has achieved consistent growth for the past three years and now accounts for 70% of the premium market, according to Mondelez.

Brett Beach, co-founder of chocolate manufacturer MIA, said premium products give retailers a chance to up-sell and provides a point of difference from multiples. 

“Convenience retailers gain a dual advantage by offering something unique and avoiding price comparison,” he said. 

Chris Noel, sales director at Divine Chocolate, advised retailers to focus on dark chocolate. “A compelling range of flavours and plain 70% dark chocolate will be a key volume line,” he said. 

Ash Patel, of Gerhold Fine Food & News in London’s Putney, said premium lines such as Green and Black’s are increasingly popular with his customers.

“There is definitely a market for premium chocolate, but it depends on the area. Because we are based in an affluent area, it works. 70%, 80% and 90% dark chocolates are most popular,” he added.