Mars Wrigley has launched a new 100 calorie or less range to help independent convenience retailers tap into the demand for healthier snacking choices.

The new Mars, Snickers and Twix bars are an extension of the brand’s existing range and will retain the same recipes as before, but at a reduced size. The original versions of the bars will still be available for purchase.

Galaxy Orange Block and Galaxy Fusions launched by Mars Wrigley UK

According to research by the supplier, nearly 50% of shoppers consider the portion size of snacks, with 68% of the UK population claiming they would rather have less of a favourite chocolate than a larger amount of a low-sugar chocolate.

The new bars have an RRP of 40p for single formats, while multipacks have an RRP of £2.79 and are available now.

Treat yourself to higher sales

Kerry Cavanaugh, marketing director at Mars Wrigley, said: “Research ahead of the launch shows that consumers still love confectionery, with a 6% year on year growth seen in the snacking category, but are increasingly conscious of the choices they make. In fact, one in four say calorie labelling impacts their purchase decisions.

“Our new 100 calorie format gives consumers their favourite brands original recipes but in a size that is a meaningful snacking choice. This new range is for consumers who want a sweet treat but in a smaller portion size.”

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